Huile de Chanvre Corps 50ml

Hemp Body Oil 50ml


Hemp Body Oil 50ml from India is made exclusively from natural ingredients and can be used for the body, hair or nails.

This mask will regenerate and hydrate the skin of your face with an immediate effect, to the delight of your skin.

Hemp oil has impressive natural qualities, its chemical composition is similar to the protective lipids produced by human skin. It will improve lipid metabolism, soothe skin lesions and will not clog the sebaceous glands.

In addition, it also has rapid penetration of the deep layers of the epidermis for complete hydration.


Directly on the skin, it hydrates, improves your complexion, and illuminates your skin.

On your hair, to increase their shine and facilitate styling.

Or on the nails, for a healthier, longer and stronger growth.


Store in a dry, dark place not above 20°C.

using advice

To be applied directly to the desired area until penetration.

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