Fleur de CBD Tropical - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Tropical - Point vert

Tropical - CBD Flower

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CBD Tropical hemp flower is a variety that is particularly aimed at consumers who want to enjoy a high quality CBD flower with high levels.

What are the origins of the Tropical?

the Tropical is a so-called hybrid variety. It comes from a cross between Big Skunk and Haze.

A CBD variety that is relatively pleasant and loved by consumers to take advantage of its high cannabidiol content. Raised indoors, this variety of hemp has benefited from the benefits of new technologies and a favorable environment to grow. The result is a finished product of rare quality.

What are the effects of Tropical?

As its name suggests, the Tropical is a CBD flower with aromas of tropical fruits. A blend of citrus and subtle sweet notes, this CBD hemp strain is truly a hit.

Regarding the effects of this variety of CBD flower, the Tropical acts in a targeted manner on the mechanisms of stress and anxiety, and promotes a return to calm. In addition, it acts effectively against pain and muscle tension.

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