Infusion Ayurvedic Detox au CBD
Infusion Ayurvedic Detox au CBD

Ayurvedic Detox Infusion with CBD

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Ayurvedic Detox Tea with CBD combines the benefits of cannabis and green tea, an antioxidant effect combined with a detoxifying action.

This tea will bring you a calm and regenerating moment and will protect your body against daily attacks, while purifying you.

Benefit of our tea

Our tea offers you a moment of relaxation and intense calm in addition to purifying your body.

CBD is recognized for its painkiller action, its properties will help you relieve your bone, muscle and joint pain. And even in some cases can help you relieve your chronic pain as well.

A miracle product for people with an anxious or stressed nature, our tea will help you regain control over your daily life.

Cannabis tea can be consumed throughout the day, whether in the morning or late at night. Indeed it has no psychotropic effects or side effects.


  • Spearmint & cinnamon sticks
  • Hibiscus & liquorice root
  • Ginger & fennel
  • Orange peel & cloves
  • Chamomile & pink pepper
  • Cardamom

All the ingredients come from organic farming.

using advice

You can start with low doses, for example: two herbal teas a day. Then increase the quantities as the need arises.

Let it infuse for 5 to 7 minutes in water at 90°.

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