Fleur de CBD Sweet - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Sweet - Point vert

Sweet - CBD Flower

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CBD Sweet flower characteristics

Sweet is a variety for sweet lovers. She is renowned for her fruity and woody fragrance. Sweet is a mix of 2 well-known strains: Nepalese and Hawaiian. Of Indica predominance, the flower of CBD Sweet brings many physical benefits.

Sweet flower's CBD level

Cultivated with care in compliance with European standards, the flower of CBD Sweet is provided with a amazing quality. So, if you want to discover the multiple virtues of CBD with a ex-champion of the famous Cannabis Cup, The sweet will conquer your heart.

The relaxing effects of CBD Sweet flower

Thanks to its Indica heritage, the Sweet variety is ideal for consumption at the end of the day. Indica-dominant strains have a stronger physical effect. In other words, Sweet gives you relaxing effects almost instantly, relieving your muscle and joint pain, making it easier to fall asleep and promoting restful sleep.

Sweet can also help relieve stress and anxiety. You will be much calmer and calmer, and therefore more inclined to restful sleep. That said, CBD won't make you feel tired or overly euphoric.

The sweet flower scent of CBD Sweet

Reserved for sugar lovers, the Sweet delivers an incredible scent of cake and candy. Once in the mouth, you can notice notes of mango, berries and grapefruit, complemented by an earthy and woody aftertaste. Naturally gourmet, the Sweet can be consumed in an herbal tea and in all your culinary preparations.

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