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Fleur de CBD  - Point vert

Strawberry - CBD Flower

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Feature of CBD Flower

The CBD level in Strawberry CBD

The Strawberry , is here cbd flower (cannabidiol) ideal for consumers looking for a pure sativa CBD with a very wide range of flavors, accompanied by a fairly soft and subtle relaxing effect. The secret of this legendary strain of CBD , originally from the Netherlands, has been well guarded for many years.

It is said that the original strain Strawberry CBD, has been used to create many other strains that have become popular with discerning consumers. An active but not psychoactive effect, medicinal virtues recognized for many years, Strawberry CBD really has its place in the top.

Sharing with Strawberry CBD

Stawberry CBD is a sharing CBD flower that can be suitable for all types of users, as a medium high CBD content allows both new and experienced users to enjoy its effects. Make no mistake, she is considered average in comparison to strains such as Amnesia CBD or the Sour Diesel CBD.

The taste and smell of Strawberry CBD

Strawberry CBD reminds you of a well-known fruit, yet the character of this cbd flower is complex, with sweet and earthy touches that blend with the powerful flavor of red berries. CBD Buds smell racy and fruity, sporting a dense coat of shiny trichromes. Its rather dark appearance does not reflect its palette of pronounced flavors.

Strawberry CBD to combat anxiety or fatigue

Stawberry CBD is a flower of choice for consumers suffering from anxiety . It is able to help reduce stress and depression without having a psychoactive effect, you will remain calm and present. Despite an average Cannabinol CBD content, many use this strain to better manage small pains, muscle spasms or fatigue. If you suffer from fairly low chronic pain, you may consider switching to this CBD variety.

The Origins of Strawberry CBD

Where does Strawberry CBD come from?

Strawberry CBD is shrouded in mystery, which makes it difficult to explain its origins. If we listen to the legend, it says that its owner grew a variety of CBD in the middle of a strawberry field, which would have resulted in this CBD Flower with a pronounced taste and smell of Strawberries. You are necessarily major and informed to be on this site, I therefore let you validate or not this original origin for this Stawberry CBD .
This cbd flower is not known by chance, certainly its history plays a role but it is mainly its genetic characteristics that make it a CBD flower sought after by many consumers around the world. Its CBD strains are increasingly fruity and their character is forged from generation to generation.

Growing Strawberry CBD indoors

This variety of CBD Flowers comes from Switzerland in indoor cultivation, it is a CBD plant that does well indoors or outdoors . Its average flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, the Strawberry CBD produces compact flowers from which emanates a smell that is pure delight. Of medium size, it can perfectly adapt to growing spaces of all sizes, which makes it a target of choice for many urban CBD growers.

Other ways of growing Strawberry CBD

with plants reaching around 1.40m. She is easily manageable in SCROG for indoor cultivation. Of course outdoors she will be able to fully express her potential, grow and produce good yields.

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