NOUVEAU Exclusivité web - Fleur de CBD Skunk - Point vert
NOUVEAU Exclusivité web - Fleur de CBD Skunk - Point vert

Skunk - CBD Flower

20,00€ 40,00€


SKUNK Flower CBD indoor:

  • CBD: High
  • THC: <0.2%  
  • Cultivation: Indoor  
  • Aromas:
  • Appearance: Compact

Super Skunk CBD Flower

The Super Skunk flower is a great classic in the world of CBD flowers . This variety has a very specific and recognizable scent, allowing you to know right away that this flower belongs to the family of "Skunk" varieties, the smell is powerful, a little woody! When using this flower you will immediately notice its fruity and spicy notes, followed in the aftertaste by more earthy notes and typical of indica varieties.

This powerful variety will delight you with its CBD content as well as its unique taste which will perfectly suit the expectations of consumers looking for the original taste of skunk varieties!

The effects of Super Skunk

As you know, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids present in hemp flower, its effects will be relaxing and soothing for your body and will help you relax in a notorious way. The effect felt when using this flower will be above all an effect of lightness and relaxation.

La Touche Verte cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.

CBD hemp can be stored. To maintain optimum quality, avoid exposing it to light, temperature changes or oxygen. Close the bag tightly after each use to preserve all the aromas of the CBD flowers.

Our CBD flowers are marketed with the certification of laboratory analyzes (THC <0.3%) in accordance with European legislation.

All products marketed by la Touche Verte therefore comply with European hemp cultivation laws:

  • European decree n.° 639-2014;
  • European regulation n.° 1307/2013.

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