Purple Gold - CBD Flower
Purple Gold - CBD Flower

Purple Gold - CBD Flower

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The CBD Purple Gold flower was discovered in the 1960s and has since been very successful, especially thanks to its magnificent color. It has become an essential hemp variety, with its floral aromas and its original appearance. It comes from a surprising cross between a Dutch skunk and a Thai haze.

Features :  

  • Dominant: Indica (70%)  
  • Strain: Haze  
  • CBD: Strong  
  • THC: less than 0.2%  
  • Cultivation: Indoor  
  • Aromas: Acidic - Earthy - Woody - Spicy
  • Acts against: Stress - Anxiety - Chronic pain - Insomnia  


What is Purple Gold?  

Recognizable among all thanks to its purple reflections, its smells and incomparable knows how to be recognized. It is a gourmet variety, ideal for enjoying a moment of relaxation while pleasing your palate by consuming it.


CBD Purple Gold Flower Flavors

It has an earthy, spicy flavor on a floral background, reminiscent of the scents of the forest , the mountains and forest fruits. This subtle blend makes it particularly pleasant to consume.


The effects of CBD Purple Gold flower

With a high rate of CBD, this variety of CBD flowers will bring you all the benefits that will be necessary for a perfect relaxation session. In addition, its stimulating and energizing properties will help you stimulate your brain activity and promote your concentration and alertness.

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