Puff jetable Sour Diesel Sativa 1000mg / 1500 bouffées

Sour Diesel Sativa Disposable Puff 1000mg / 1500 puffs


Sour Diesel is a world famous sativa strain, so we went the distance to make sure our disposable vape would do it justice. With a pungent diesel aroma that dissipates quickly through the air and our own unique blend of terpenes, Sour Diesel is the perfect blend of that classic flavor and a potent CBD experience.

In order to create our own version of this famous strain, we used natural terpenes and flavors to deliver that authentic taste.

Click the button five times to turn on/off.

1500 puffs in this disposable but refillable puff. Plug it in with a universal adapter and you're done.

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