Puff jetable Pineaple Express Hybrid 1000mg CBD/1500 bouffées

Disposable Puff Pineaple Express Hybrid 1000mg CBD/1500 puffs


Fancy a little break in the middle of the day? Our Pineapple Express disposable CBD vape pen is what you need. This vape is based on one of California's most iconic strains, its bright citrus notes make it the perfect choice for a bit of a quiet afternoon buzz. Made with the highest quality CBD, Pineapple Express is just what you need for a potent and relaxing hit.

Loved for its distinct pineapple and earthy pine aroma, and energizing effects, this classic strain is perfectly recreated in our premium disposable CBD vapes.

This dreamy duo is sure to bring you a relaxing time like you're on vacation that you can come back to again and again.

Click the button five times to turn on/off.

1500 puffs in this disposable but refillable puff. Plug it in with a universal adapter and you're done.

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