Eau de Toilette pour Homme 100ml

Eau de Toilette for Men 100ml


Eau de toilette for Men 100ml from India is highlighted by woody scents that will leave you with an intense vegetal aroma with a dominant note of hemp.

Its fragrance with strong woody notes blends with lighter ones, such as the aroma of rose. It remains on the skin and clothes for several hours, slowly releasing its subtle scents of aromatic essences of patchouli and intense musk.

This original fragrance will fill you with new energy and good humor to feel comfortable wherever you are.

Perfume notes

    • Ginger roots
    • Cumin
    • Herbs
    • Incense
    • Cannabis
    • wild celery
    • cedar wood
    • patchouli
    • From here

using advice

Use identical to a traditional perfume.

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