Fleur de CBD Moonrock CBG - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Moonrock CBG - Point vert

MoonRock CBG - CBD Flower


Our high CBD and CBG MoonRock is an exceptional product. Taste it and you will adopt it.

CBD/CBG rate: 70%

●Appearance: Soft and resinous

THC rate < 0.2%

Made from 66% Wax and pollen skuff, this one has nothing to envy to its THC cousin.

Its powerful effect will delight you!

... and YES, it also exists in a CBG version!

The Moon Rock , initially beautiful buds soaked in CBD Full Spectrum wax then immersed in a bath of CBG Pollen!

The result is visually quite impressive, pollen buds, clear and soft, with a resinous layer inside.

A taste of incomparable sweetness and subtlety combined with an overpowering rate of CBG...

Variety Cultivated INDOOR

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