Fleur de CBD Jack Frost - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Jack Frost - Point vert

Jack Frost CBG - CBD Flower


The flower of CBG Jack Frost is aptly named with leafy green buds covered in a blizzard of silver trichomes, it will be your ideal ally to enjoy a moment of well-deserved calm!

Features : 

  • CBD/CBG: Strong
  • THC: <0.2% 
  • Cultivation: Indoor 
  • Aromas: earthy
  • Appearance: Green and pollenous
  • Acts against: Stress - Anxiety - Chronic pain - Insomnia 


What is Jack Frost? 

Jack Frost flower was one of the first high CBG strains to be bred by hemp growers. High CBG hemp flowers have only recently become available on the market, as the CBG molecule quickly transforms into CBC, CBN without careful cultivation. Jack Frost CBG combines the genetics of three legendary strains: White Widow, Jack Herer and Northern Lights.


CBD Jack Frost Flower Flavors

The flower of CBG Jack Frost features an earthy and woody flavor. She will remind you of the particular taste of Skunk.


The effects of CBD flower Jack Frost

The Jack Frost plant has many benefits. The relaxation effect is immediate. It is a good ally against stress and anxiety.   

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