Baume à Lèvres au Chanvre

Hemp Lip Balm


The Hemp Lip Balm from India proves once again the effectiveness of hemp on our body.

This balm will nourish your lips and make them soft and cared for. Its formula lubricates your lips by forming a protective and shiny layer to protect them from external risks such as cold or wind.

In addition, they will appear revitalized from the first application of this balm.

The lip balm contains

  • Hemp oil that softens irritated skin and accelerates its regeneration.
  • Cottonseed oil that perfectly nourishes and protects very sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin E which protects the skin and regenerates the collagen fibres, thus making the skin softer and smoother.
  • Sweet almond oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and neutralizes free radicals.

Council of use

To be applied directly to the lips as soon as the need arises.

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