Huile de CBD Full Spectrum 20%
Huile de CBD Full Spectrum 20%

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20%


Our 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a supplement rich in CBG, a real remedy for all your daily ailments! its name "Full Spectrum" is there to remind you that it contains all the cannabinoids of the plant.

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it will be the ideal companion in your daily life.

A true complement to CBD, CBG will be a source of calm for you, it will allow you to take advantage of all the active ingredients present in hemp, without creating any addiction.

Why use our CBD products?

First of all, know that CBD has many therapeutic virtues. Indeed, several studies show that its use brings benefits to both body and mind.

CBD has analgesic properties, it has been shown to work on painful joints and can also calm chronic inflammation.

Also, CBD has a relaxing effect and improves mood while allowing its user to better tolerate pain, especially in the elderly. Moreover, CBD does not cause addiction.

What about our products?

C oncerning our products, we guarantee you the best possible quality, LA Touche Verte is committed to always offering you optimal quality, and for this, we maintain a rigorous selection of producers who are always concerned to provide a product that will satisfy you.

The production of CBD is controlled, the varieties used for the design of our products are therefore made from hemp containing 0% THC and come from organic farming.

This product is not a medication.

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