Fleur de CBD Gelato - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Gelato - Point vert

Gelato - CBD Flower

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The CBD content in Gelato

Thanks to its rate of CBD (cannabidiol), Gelato CBD is a fairly potent flower but not excessive, it will be perfect for the average consumer, who wants to feel a fast but not too strong relaxing effect. Its dominance indica base provides the Gelato CBD a powerful relaxing effect, get ready for intense waves of CBD that will soothe your brain without a psychoactive effect of course.

Effects in Gelato CBD

Once this sweet sensation puts all your stressful thoughts into perspective, it will take care of your muscles. Gelato CBD knows how to relieve your aches and pains, but won't keep you on the couch like the CBD flowers indica-dominant. And that's what makes Gelato CBD special, it's balanced, yet potent in every aspect it offers.

Novice consumers can turn to Gelato CBD without problems. The physical relaxation provided by this Gelato CBD remains strong, but you will still be able to stay active and not feel numb from the powerful Cannabidiol contained in certain flowers.

The taste and smell of Gelato CBD

The real highlight of this high-quality CBD strain is its powerful and fine aroma accompanied by well-balanced effects . As the Gelato CBD finishes flowering, you will be able to smell a very sugary scent with an earthy puff more and more strongly. As soon as you consume Gelato CBD, the smooth blend of flavors will leave you speechless with added notes of limonene, mint, and many other subtleties than the CBD experts will be able to detect.

The Origins of Gelato CBD

Gelato CBD (also called “ Larry Bird CBD ”) is a new CBD flower that makes you want to bite into it. A luxurious blend of Cookie Fam Genetics, succeeding its parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. This strain originally from California , takes its name from its fruity aroma that may make you think of a creamy dessert, a genetic heritage common to the CBD Cookies family.

The buds of this CBD flower tend to bloom in reddish hues dominated by bright orange pistils and a towering thickness of white pollen resin.

The indoor cultivation of Gelato CBD

CBD Gelato Flower is produced in Switzerland, grown Indoor . During its growth and flowering, it benefits from the best facilities and conditions. Indoors, Gelato CBD is stocky but robust, measuring between 50-100cm in height. Her bloom is rather fast as she only lasts 8–9 weeks, she is capable of producing good yields, around 400–500g/m².

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