E-liquide CBD Anmesai 1000mg -- Greeneo

E-liquid CBD Anmesai -- Greeneo


Our E-liquid CBD Anmesai from Greeneo is its taste of authenticity will make you appreciate the work provided by its creators.

Its name is a nod to the famous variety of grass, Amnesia, from which it borrows its very particular flavors.

A clever blend of earthy aromas, citrus notes and a floral point, it will introduce you to a new world of flavor.


  • 10ml bottle with dropper cap.
  • Base Propylene Glycol / Vegetable Glycerin: 80/20.
  • Made from organic European hemp.
  • Guaranteed without THC, without nicotine, without alcohol and without animal extracts.
  • Food grade ingredients.
  • Bottle with a child safety cap.


Propylene glycol, also called PG, is one of the main molecules of e-Liquids. Molecule also used in everyday life under the name E490. used both in pharmacology, in cosmetics and in the food industry. Accentuates the hit caused during the vape.

Vegetable glycerin, also called VG, like PG, is also a substance found in everyday life, both in food and in soap. this is what gives the vape a smooth feeling.

Terpenes are an organic and natural compound that determines the smell, flavor and color of the plant. Terpenes are present in the plant. No synthetic aroma is therefore necessary to create your e-liquid because everything is already present in the plant.

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