Fleur de CBD Critical Premium - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Critical Premium - Point vert

Critical Premium - CBD Flower

20,00€ 40,00€

CBD Critical Premium Flower  is strong on the palate, with a high level of CBD. Its effects will bring you relaxation, relaxation and well-being.

Features :  

  • Dominant: Sativa (20%) - Indica (80%)  
  • Strain: Haze
  • CBD: Strong
  • THC: <0.2%  
  • Cultivation: Indoor  
  • Aromas: Earthy - Peanut Note
  • Acts against: Stress - Anxiety - Chronic pain - Insomnia  


What is Critical Premium ?  

This is a high-end Critical variety, with a much higher CBD rate than its classic version.


CBD Critical Premium Flower Flavors

The flower of CBD Critical Premium is a mixture of earthy aromas accompanied by a note of peanut. It leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth, and will appeal to all CBD lovers.


The effects of Critical Premium CBD flower

The Critical Premium plant has many benefits. The relaxation effect is immediate while keeping awake and creative. It is a good ally against stress and anxiety.    

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