Fleur de CBD Bubble - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Bubble - Point vert

Bubble - CBD Flower


The flower of CBD Bubble is rich in taste. Sweet, once in the mouth, get ready for an explosion of flavors! It really is the ideal flower for all gourmands!

Features : 

  • Dominant: Indica (80%) - Sativa (20%)
  • CBD: Strong
  • THC: less than 0.2% 
  • Cultivation: Indoor
  • Aromas: Sweet - candy note
  • Acts against: Stress - Anxiety - Chronic pain - Insomnia 


    What is the Bubble?

    Bubble is an amazing CBD strain! With its candy taste, get ready for a return to childhood. So make yourself comfortable and let the Bubble unwind and relax!


    CBD Bubble Flower Flavors

    Its taste will directly remind you of the sweets of your childhood, get ready for a sweet trip! Its taste is incomparable and it leaves no one indifferent.


    The effects of CBD Bubble flower

    This variety of CBD flowers will bring you all the benefits you need for a perfect relaxation session. Its CBD level is high enough to bring you all its relaxing and soothing benefits.

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