Fleur de CBD Berry Cream - Point vert
Fleur de CBD Berry Cream - Point vert

Berry Cream - CBD Flower


The flower of CBD Berry Cream has become very popular with our customers, thanks to its characteristic aroma mixing red fruits and candy.

Features :  

  • Dominance: Indica (80%)
  • CBD: Strong  
  • THC: less than 0.2%  
  • Cultivation: Indoor  
  • Aromas: Red fruits - Sweet - Fruity
  • Acts against: Stress - Anxiety - Chronic pain - Insomnia  

CBD Berry Cream Flower Flavors

Its smell is sweet and delicate. This powerful CBD flower gives off aromas of red fruits . In addition, these powerful aromas are accompanied by a delicious candy flavor, enough to delight even the most greedy.


The effects of CBD Berry Cream flower

With a high rate of CBD, this variety of CBD flowers will bring you all the benefits that will be necessary for a perfect relaxation session. In addition, its stimulating and energizing properties will help you stimulate your brain activity and promote your concentration and alertness.

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