NOUVEAU Exclusivité web - Fleur de CBD AK47 - Point vert
NOUVEAU Exclusivité web - Fleur de CBD AK47 - Point vert
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AK47 - CBD Flower


The AK47 CBD flower is strong in the mouth, it is around 19% CBD. Its effects are physical bringing relaxation, relaxation and well-being, which really helps people looking to fall asleep more easily.

Features : 

  • Dominant: Sativa (65%) - Indica (35%) 
  • Strain: Haze 
  • CBD: High
  • THC: 0.2% 
  • Cultivation: Indoor 
  • Aromas: Earthy - Woody - Floral 

 What is AK47 Haze? 

From a mix of Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Afghani plants, the AK47 is an incredible visual and taste variety. This cannabis flower is the most awarded Sativa / Indica strain combination in the world. 

It is recognized by its large banana-shaped buds, and its green, orange and sometimes even purple shades. 

AK47 CBD Flower Flavors

CBD flower AK47 is a blend of sour and earthy aromas, but also woody and floral notes. Its fragrance is intense and very pleasant: we find earth, pine and touches of citrus. 

The effects of CBD flower AK47

The AK47 plant has many benefits. The relaxation effect is immediate while keeping awake and creative. It is a good ally against stress and anxiety.   

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